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UFOs - The Unsolved Mystery in Mauritius

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 View Comments

Some months back on the 11th April of 2009 I, myself and my brother sighted a strange small star moving at a very low speed. We thought that is was an ordinary polar satellite which was travelling from north to south. But unfortunately, while comparing its speed it was unusual. Indeed the speed of a satellite is very high, but this one was very strange.

As a matter of fact UFO means Unidentified flying object (commonly abbreviated as UFO or U.F.O.) is the popular term for any aerial phenomenon whose cause cannot be easily or immediately determined. Both military and civilian research show that a significant majority of UFO sightings have been identified after further investigation, either explicitly or indirectly through the presence of clear and simple explanatory factors (see Occam's Razor). The United States Air Force, which coined the term in 1952, initially defined UFOs as those objects that remain unidentified after scrutiny by expert investigators, though the term UFO is often used more generally to describe any sighting unidentifiable to the reporting observer(s). Popular culture frequently takes the term UFO as a synonym for alien spacecraft. Cults have become associated with UFOs, and mythology and folklore have evolved around the phenomenon. Some investigators now prefer to use the broader term unidentified aerial phenomenon (or UAP), to avoid the confusion and speculative associations that have become attached to UFO.

Studies have established that only a small percentage of reported UFOs are actual hoaxes, while the majority are observations of some real but conventional object—most commonly aircraft, balloons, or astronomical objects such as meteors or bright planets—that have been misidentified by the observer as anomalies. A small percentage of reported sightings (usually 5 %–20 %) are classified as unidentified flying objects in the strictest sense

Certain scientists have argued that all UFO sightings, in the strictest sense, are misidentifications of prosaic natural phenomen and historically, there was debate among some scientists about whether scientific investigation was warranted given available empirical data. Very little peer-reviewed literature has been published in which scientists have proposed, studied or supported non-prosaic explanations for UFOs.

UFO reports became frequent after the first widely publicized US sighting – reported by private pilot Kenneth Arnold in 1947 – that gave rise to the popular terms "flying saucer" and "flying disc". Since then, millions of people have reported that they have seen UFOs.

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In point of fact, at that very moment my camera was with me. I immediately took it about ans started filming. But unluckily my camera's memory was limited, that is I had already used part of the memory to take pictures. Luckily I had recorded part of the scene. I have posted this video on "Youtube" & some friend intimated me that this a usual case in US. On the other hand it was the first time in MAURITIUS. Below I embedded it, sorry for the bad quality. However you can  refer to this link to watch it in HD ( )

Still Many people had encountered this 'UFO' but the Area 51 guys!!!!

Update 1: I got someone on my other Blog saying that : "yes bro, I am mauritian too, check out above the colline candos,4:30 - 5:00 in the morning and you will tell. You won't believe it. Of course many people will think you are this and that when you tell it to them. " - By anony.

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