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Monday, September 28, 2009 View Comments

I am Blogging since December 2oo8. During those time, I made enormous change on my Blog. Firstly, I was on Wordpress then I moved to Blogger. It was not easy at the beginning until when it came to me that I have understand about HTML and XML !

Yeah, I changed a lot this blog as if from #000000 to #FFFFFF. Firstly from the beginning I change my template from "Minima" to Gossu Blogger and now to my own design, which is known as the Unknown Template.

- I mod my rotating banner to another one (10th i think??? )which is more dynamic, professional and pleasant :)
No.1 Source for your Tech News, Creativity , Stuffs & Full Download What do you say???

- I inserted a new function in the Front Page which is a sort of JQuery and it took me time to design each part of the show. It took me hours to complete it, the Javascript, CSS etc.... Sorry for those for got a slow connection as my template need the maximum of your connection ;) "Boof zot connection !!!" I thought that it was a waste of time but it worked ! :) the results were as follows:

- I eventually added a "Recent Post" widget @ the Front page so as to intimate the user what is the last Post, it uses a javascript which i found while surfing about Java...

- The Navbar and its hover effect was such a fuck... Its took hmmm approximately 1hr for me to resize, once again resize until it fit the upper part.

- Recently i added a MP3 Player which is a Flash, do update you Flash to the latest one dude !!!:)

- Among the last updates, the Linkwithin, which perfectly fitted the Blog and perfectly worked !! Nice work ! It look more dynamic while showing pictures of related posts..

Update 1 : A new Flickr Photostream of mine was added to the blog !

Update 2 : Some New Sponsored Ads were placed to attract visitors and some Advertisements...

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