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Thursday, December 4, 2008 View Comments

Hi There , this the team of Knight-Nirvan. Thanks for passing by and also addressing to me concerning " Advertising on my Blog "

Knight-Nirvan™ | No.1 Source for your Tech News, Creativity , Stuffs & Full Download  is a Blog started in 2008, with mostly daily updates about Tech News. The subject of the blog circle around Tech News, new stuffs, Creativity and also Full Download with everything fun or interesting on the web. The blog has around more than 200 daily visits* (not counting full-feed subscriptions). The blog appears in Afrigator and this blog is in the first 10 in Mauritius and around the world.

  • Page Rank: 2
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: Around 1,912,612
  • Traffic Rank in US : 1,410,033
  • Technorati Rank: -1 RSS Subscribers: 50
  • Daily Average Visitors: 560* (As at April 2009)

Visitors count per month often varies between 1500 to 5000. Right now we are only offering only 1 type of private advertising options:

  1.  120×90 banner ads ($5 per month) 

The press release or announcement is an advertising method offered by Knight-Nirvan for anyone who want to promote a new website or product which satisfies our criteria below. We have a fix pricing of $10 for this method. Mention links passes through our count system and are indirect referal ones to abide to Search Engine and Press Release ethics.

 To go for this offer, contact me at or simply fill this form at "Contact Form"

Your advertisement must meet the following criteria:

1. No illegal or porn advertisements
2. Banners that you submit must be of size available and less than 200kb in size. (Do provide when filling, necessary will be made.)

If you wish to have flash adverts on knight-nirvan please contact sales at

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